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I’m Chris Gay. You may have heard the daily comedy I write and broadcast in the Hartford radio market or my voice-over work on radio commercials, and wondered exactly what it is I do. Or more likely you don’t wonder at all, and couldn’t possibly care less. I understand. But since I’ve got your attention, humor me for a minute and I’ll elaborate, anyway.

I’m a published freelance writer, (including this national humor piece for Writer's Digest) broadcaster, voice-over artist and actor. I’ve written freelance articles, satirical pieces, comedy, TV scripts, human interest stories, poetry, international press releases, website content and two humor books: And That's the Way It Was...Give or Take: A Daily Dose Of My Radio Writings and Shouldn’t Ice Cold Beer be Frozen? My 365 Random Thoughts To Improve Your Life Not One Iota.

Recently, I played a barfly (featured) in the movie Great Hope Springs (Columbia Pictures) Previously I was in the movie Testimonies of a Quiet New England Town. (2009)

Look for my theological, paranormal suspense novel Ghost of a Chance, and the sarcastically humorous The Bachelor Cookbook. Along with some other projects, I'm also currently beginning to write the Ghost of a Chance sequel, Perdition's Wrath.

In addition to my own daily, sponsored radio spots I’ve voiced commercials for companies, attorneys, mom and pop stores, radio stations, and have broadcasted local sporting events. I’m also the media and technical writer for the clothing company KSpin Designs. For those who’ve seen my typical wardrobe, which highlights a fashion sense akin to a far-sighted circus clown, you already realize I’d have to be a pretty versatile writer to pen words for such a company.

In memory of my little sister Chelsea (who was lost to a different affliction) I’ve partnered with KSpin's Founder/CEO Kerry Lynn Spindler and her company's charity arm; as well as her to write a children’s book tentatively titled Suesea Sunscreen and the Big Lesson. (2012) This is in an effort to further assist KSpin’s ongoing effort to raise awareness of, as well as funds for, Melanoma research. Every little bit helps as medical science gets continually closer and closer to dropping the curtain on cancer's pathetic performance...forever.

If you’re in need of any kind of writing, from something as small as a personalized greeting for your friend or spouse to a big budget movie script; or if you need something voiced, from performing a simple telephone tree voice mail, to announcing for the Tonight Show or just replacing Don Imus, contact me through this website, or call me at 860-306-7442. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed and, if your check clears, my satisfaction will be guaranteed as well.

Oh, and feel free to buy my books now through (books purchased through my website will be autographed),, or many other online retailers. I've really got to tell you, they’re extraordinarily witty. Then again if you're looking for reviews of my books, this probably isn't the best place for objectivity. Thank you so much. I now return you to your regularly scheduled surfing. -Chris

My Writings
If you’re reading this, you’ve successfully reached the Writing Samples section of my website. It also means that you’re much more computer literate than I am. I write and do voice-overs, but if it’s graphics you need I’d suggest contacting Virtually Any Other Living Person On Earth. As you've likely already deduced, in this section you’ll be able to peruse various writing samples of mine. If you’re looking for freelance writing done of any kind, such as articles on human interest, politics, sports, commercials; or perhaps scripts, stories, satire, or humor, please feel free to utilize the ‘Contact Chris’ link to reach me. Click here for more information.
Thank you for your interest!

Let My Voice Do Your Talking (Commercial Voice-Over)
So, perhaps you were perusing my web site, saw my writing samples and thought, “Hold on; I’ll admit this guy can write- but he also performs voice-over and broadcasts, too? I’m very impressed.” Amazingly enough; yes, it’s true. I broadcast a daily humor spot on the radio in Hartford, CT, which I write as well. I’ve written and voiced radio spots for national companies, as well as for local businesses and radio station promos. I’ve broadcast live sporting events on the radio and internet, and have been a guest speaker at a college voice-over class.

So what can I do for you? Why, anything you may require. Do you need a voice for your radio or TV ads? Your automated telephone answering service?  I can write, or help write, scripting for you. Are you an interested party representing Coca-Cola, yet somewhat wary of using me because you’ve heard I might prefer Pepsi? No problem. Hire me and I can guarantee you I’ll prefer Coca-Cola. Are you with a major broadcasting company who’s surfing around the net or broadcast dial looking for the next radio superstar? Well, here I am. I’m extremely quick-witted, well versed on politics, sports, et al. Also as you’re now aware, I also know how to properly utilize ‘et al’ in a sentence.

If you’re looking for a talk show host, look no further. Let my voice do your talking. Pretty clever slogan, huh? I just now made it up on the fly; then went and placed it at the top of this Intro for maximum effect. No charge. Have a great day.  I hope to talk for you soon. Click here for more information.

Advertise With Me On The Radio!
There are many affordable ways to advertise on radio and the internet. Many of them are routine, mundane and lacking any semblance of creativity. Now, while it’s true I could write and/or voice quality stand alone spots for your business; I also offer a unique, throwback form of advertising that sets your business advertising apart from all of the rest. For over four years I’ve written and broadcast a daily, sponsored Historical Humor Minute on the air over the Hartford, Connecticut radio market. I write a minute comedy spot based on various historical events that have occurred every calendar day, then voice information on my sponsors businesses at the end of the spot.

Though my writing is sharp and modern, the concept itself has an old fashioned uniqueness to it you simply don’t see much of anymore. Also, through the magic of modern radio technology, you can sponsor my radio spots in most U.S. markets; so it’s no problem if you’re in Denver or Seattle, and I’m in Hartford. The cost various based on the market and time of day you’d like your spot to run. I look forward to working with you.

Contact me today and get your business out there tomorrow.

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