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Also coming in 2012, 'Ghost of a Chance' my theological, paranormal crime thriller. 
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Top 10 Reasons Americans Don't Like Soccer

By Christopher Gay

10) "Injuries" sustained during play are more fake than the ones the actors treat on the set of "ER"

9) Concept of game clock running up simply too difficult to grasp

8) Have trouble with the English translation of "Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooallllllllllllll!"

7) A 1-0 deficit in the 4th minute nearly insurmountable 

6) After a bad call, chants of "kill the ref" are not necessarily facetious

5) Color-blind Americans can't tell the difference between yellow and red cards 

4) No Designated Hitter 

3) The goal isn't quite big enough 

2) Penalty kicks just too difficult to make 

1) Please, somebody, just pick up the freakin' ball 

-Chris Gay

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