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Selected Published Newspaper Editorial

By Christopher Gay

Although I agree with Stan Simpson's Dec. 13 column ["No Bailouts, Thank You, For A Free Press"] in principle, I almost had to stifle a laugh when I read the line "And you're no longer sure you have a newspaper you can trust to give it to you straight."

Regretfully, that ship sailed years ago. Newspapers such as The Courant and The New York Times, among many others, have been driving around with their left blinker perpetually on for quite some time. 

The print media can point to the Internet as a cause for dwindling circulation — and there is some truth to that — but another truth is that people have grown weary of not being able to tell the op-ed page from any other section of the newspaper. 

Reporters are supposed to report impartially, and because they have now strayed so far from that basic prerequisite, it is doubtful that the newspaper industry, presently circling the drain, will ever pull out of its self-inflicted downward spiral. That is truly a shame. Newspapers were once among the foundations of our country — I will absolutely miss them.
-Chris Gay

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