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$8,000 Housing Tax Credit. Get It While The Getting's Good?

By Christopher Gay

So, you’re trying to navigate the intimidating, unfamiliar waters you’ve suddenly found yourself immersed in as a potential first time home buyer. Acronyms like ’CHFA’ dance in your head like sugar plums while you wonder if you’re ready to undertake the huge responsibility of owning your own home. But now, with interest rates hovering lower than Red October’s undercoating, there’s really no excuse not to at least look into it, right? But wait, there’s more. For a limited time only, your Uncle Sam just voted you a $8,000 tax credit. Now what do you do? Simple: crank up John Philip Sousa on your MP3 and belt out a chorus of “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” We in the middle class have become conditioned to believe that what’s too good to be true probably is, and that tax breaks typically only benefit those people who are dressed daily by their valets. While that’s not necessarily untrue, those ingrained feelings make it very easy to believe that we are now truly caught up in the perfect storm. This time, though, it really is to our benefit. Seriously.

You may be asking yourself, “What does this guy mean?” Or maybe even, “What’s up with all the metaphors?” Well, allow me to help you with the former.  Like Halley’s Comet, this financial confluence is a Once-In-A-Lifetime occurrence. And when this particular window closes, the only way you’ll see it open again is if your kid volunteers you for cryogenics. If two out of three ain’t bad, consider what three out of three is. For possibly the first time in your life, the government is giving you considerable, tangible cash as an incentive to go out into what is unquestionably a buyers market to obtain a house at interest rates the likes of which haven’t been seen since Nixon and Kennedy battled for the White House. Some choices in life aren’t really choices at all. Go on, take the money and run.
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